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You Should Choose a Commercial Printing Vendor with Design & Die Cut Capabilities In-House

Written by imagepressworks on November 28, 2016

The idea pops into your head for a creative packaging design, now what do you do? You can see it in you mind, but that’s not enough – you want to hold it in your hand, put your product in it and visualize it on the shelf at your local retailer! The first step should be to contact your commercial printing vendor and schedule a meeting with their CAD Designer to begin the collaboration of bringing your concept to life through production. But, trusting your precious job to just “anyone” isn’t always a wise decision – you need to select someone that will care as much about your project as you do. That’s when Image Pressworks will be your preferred partner. With design and die cutting in house, we will work with you to create the perfect package. The Image Pressworks team is excited to offer you just such a service, with an exceptional attention to detail.

The first benefit of using a commercial printer with in-house die cut capabilities is that you get a higher level of control over your project. There is no time lost in transport to other facilities, no surprise equipment bottlenecks or failures, no “let me call you back when I know something more.” Plus, when the person in charge of printing your job can walk across the shop floor and speak to the die cutter operator, there’s a benefit of familiarity with the equipment and a level of comfort with the teamwork and collaboration that goes on within our walls. Processes can be dialed in efficiently and precisely for production, from ink on paper to cutting and scoring. Plus, these days timelines are always tight, so being able to save a day or even half a day can be a real benefit.   Cost savings can also be a real factor in keeping your project under one roof; as you avoid transport costs and various outside mark-ups.

For these reasons and our overwhelming desire to provide top-shelf customer service, Image Pressworks has recently added a Heidelberg Varimatrix 105CS Platen Die cutter (complete with stripping unit) to our existing capabilities. This robust and reliable machine DOUBLES the size and the speed at which we can process the printed sheet, thanks to its high level of automation, while maintaining the superior quality you expect of your finished piece. A perfect complement to our Heidelberg Speedmaster presses, this Varimatrix streamlines our production processes. With many years of experience manufacturing packaging and other die cut materials, Image researched the best piece of equipment to meet the needs of our current and future customers. Adding the Varimatrix to our shop floor was the right choice for us and our customers. We have the technology, we have the expertise, but most of all…we have the passion to hit a home run and not with just your die cut needs – but all your commercial printing needs.

We look forward to sharing our growing capabilities with you and collaborating on your next project!

See the die cutter in action below.

Varimatrix Diecutter