ADDRESS: 4544 NE 190th Lane, Portland, OR 97230



It comes from Leadership

We are locally owned and operated and have specialized in providing high-quality printing and exceptional customer service since 1975.

We have a diverse and talented leadership team focused on executing our core principles in all aspects of our business model to provide the utmost quality and service to our customers.

Each member of our staff is experienced in all areas of our industry, including prepress, project management, digital, commercial, packaging, bindery and distribution.

For love and Sustainability

Our goal is a zero-waste production environment. We will continue to strive toward this daily, recycling everything related to paper and aluminum print plates. Our office practices live up to the same strict, environmental standards as our production practices do.

Our conscious choice to print with soy-based inks over traditional petroleum-based inks is kinder to our environment as soy-based inks emit fewer volatile organic compounds.

These practices were implemented to improve our current processes—not only for us today, but to ensure a better environment for generations to come.

We weren’t born Yesterday

Back in 1975, our co-founder Jerry Hilbert had a vision of becoming a world-class printer. At the time he was running a tiny press out of a garage. Today, Image Pressworks operates out of a 32,000 square foot facility custom built to accommodate some of the most exceptional printing equipment you’ll find anywhere.

It is all for You

Our craftsmanship is reflected in the talent of our people, the quality of our equipment and our unique ability to do nearly everything in-house. This way, we can keep an eye on your job as it makes its way through our facility.

We check, and double-check until it’s out the door. After more than four decades in the printing industry, one thing remains the same: Image Presswork’s unswerving commitment to providing exceptional service.

Smart Purchasing

By having our facility built to our specs, we were able to do some amazing things. For example, we were able to create a system that allows us to re-circulate the heat off our press equipment back into the shop in winter months.

This does three things:

1) Reduces our energy consumption which is better for our planet

2) Reduces our energy cost which allows us to offer you competitive pricing in the marketplace

3) It demonstrates our commitment to the reduction of volatile organic compounds volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air

Committed to Achievement

Listed in the 100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon 2011-2021.

GREAT Certified